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Do NOT eat my books. They are for reading.

THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY NOT CURSED (Simon and Schuster, June 25, 2024)

Engage even the most can’t-sit-still little ones with this laugh-out-loud, interactive picture book for fans of The Book with No Pictures and The Monster at the End of This Book!


This book is NOT tricking you into reading it so that you’ll be cursed.


If there WERE a curse, you’d start experiencing symptoms like the wiggles, the giggles, and trouble licking your elbow. And then you’d have to take a bunch of silly steps to reverse the curse before everything you eat starts tasting like cabbage.


But no need to worry about all that because this this book is definitely not cursed— no way.


WARNING: This book contains 97% silliness. It is not recommended for anyone allergic to smelling feet, and should not be used while operating heavy machinery. Side effects may include mild embarrassment and belly button fatigue.



"Readers beware—although 'This Book is Definitely NOT Cursed,' it definitely will induce a serious case of the giggles. You have been warned. Woodward’s comical theatrics result in hilarious read-aloud fun."

-- Carrie Tillotson ― author of Counting to Bananas

"Beware! This book is definitely cursed…with giggles. . . . Goofy, gross, and just plain giggle-worthy."

-- Kirkus Reviews ― 4/15/2024


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Or, if you're local to Portland, OR, get a signed copy from the indie where I work: 

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