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Have you ever seen a unicorn that everyone else insisted was a mule? Megan has. Have you ever glued a diamond on your tooth? Megan has. Have you ever met a lemur drinking coffee with creamer? Megan wishes.

As a child, Megan lived and traveled all over the world, but always felt at home with her head in a book. She also loved movies, especially old black and white talky ones (she was a strange child). Combining her love of the written word with her love of film, she got an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA, and has been working as a comedy screenwriter for over 10 years. After becoming a mom, she rediscovered her long-lost love of children’s books and has since been pursuing a career in kid-lit. Her debut picture book, THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY NOT CURSED, will be released in 2024 by Simon and Schuster.


Megan loves all things funny, from puns to satire, from sarcasm to slapstick. Thus, all of her writing, whether for actual kids or grown-up kids, contains some element of humor. 


When she’s not busy writing or procrastinating from writing, she can be found cooking, dancing, laughing, singing, reading, or all five at once, which is a great way to either embarrass her kid or almost burn the house down. She lives in Portland, OR, where it rains entirely too much but never on her parade.



Twitter:  @womeganwo

 Insta: @womeganwo

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