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Megan Woodward

Picture book author, screenwriter, freelance editor, word enthusiast, pun wizard, uni-cyclist. 

*One of these things might be a lie.  



Winner of the Toddler Novelist Award 1985

Megan Woodward's Latest Releases Thoughts

I shouldn't    have eaten  cake for 



So what if I

pee my pants


Someday I will put my latest book releases in this section, but for now you must look at   pictures of my face. So            there! 

“I'm sure Megan is a great writer and all, but she really needs to stop singing 'Let it Go' with her windows open.”


“Her jokes are silly and her feet smell. Can I have ice cream now?”

Megan's kid

"Megan is so clever and awesome. Since she does not yet have critic's reviews of her work, she made these up for your entertainment. What a genius! 

Anonymous (definitely NOT Megan)

An annoyed neighbor

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